new year's resolutions 2022

i completed lots of my big new years resolutions in 2021. the problem is that i essentially did a resolution speedrun in the last few weeks of the year. i generally don't make goals for self-improvement; this is partly because i think january is the worst possible month to improve habits (and the 1st is the worst possible day of said month), and partly because i simply do not care to improve myself. consequently, my goals tend to be big activities i can work on over the year, like spending the first few months of the year planning a huge road trip and then taking it during the summer. but it's simply not feasible to work on lots of big dreams at once, and then some things get left behind, and then it's december and i'm trying to do an entire duolingo course in eight hours. (mitä siilit sanovat ja miksi? i don't know, because that's about all the duo finnish i remember after trying to cram the course into my brain at warp speed.)

january is going to be even more difficult for me this year than normal (nothing's wrong, i'm just being forced to take a statistics course over zoom, which means zero time to spend on big, resolution-worthy projects). so instead of my usual stuff, i'm making a long list of extremely ordinary, achievable things to do (and that can probably be done in the context of a global pandemic since my area will likely be in lockdown soon) with the goal of picking one off every day or two (or, as is far more likely, speedrunning them on the weekends, which i guess is better than doing it all in december. growth!) some of these are easy because i can just go out and do them, others are more difficult because they'll almost definitely happen to me at some point but they have to happen to me (like finding something cool on the ground. that's gonna happen! but like, i sadly cannot manifest little goblincore trinkets onto the surface of the earth yet).

i plan to add to (and subtract from) this list over the year, adding new things as ideas sprout and curating others out as old ideas lose their appeal or are no longer possible (thanks, omicron).

experiential goals

  1. see a cool astronomical/general sky thing (ie: a meteor, a supermoon, northern lights... honestly this is the hardest one given how hard it is to see the damn sky here most of the time)
  2. spot a constellation (orion's belt counts, we're going with easy goals here)
  3. do something cool on a solstice
  4. go berry-picking
  5. check out [redacted local abandoned place]
  6. try a local restaurant i've never eaten at before
  7. climb [redacted local popular hill that is not too difficult to hike]
  8. walk through every building on campus
  9. take a walk on a street i've somehow never been on despite living here my whole life
  10. decide to go somewhere local on a whim and just fucking do it with a maximum of 20 minutes of planning
  11. go to the museum on a free admission evening
  12. do a virtual museum or gallery tour
  13. reread the earthsea cycle (at least the first book but hopefully the rest too)
  14. reread interview with the vampire for the first time since i was a teenager (RIP anne rice, i forgive you for threatening to sue my 12-year-old ass over lestat fanfic)
  15. read a gothic novel i've never read before
  16. read a new nosleep story that actually scares me
  17. watch a ghibli movie i've never seen before
  18. go birdwatching
  19. build a snowman
  20. go geocaching
  21. go randonauting

creation goals

  1. finishing a craft
  2. make something to hang on my wall
  3. make a one-page zine and post it on my site
  4. write a poem and submit it somewhere
  5. do a botanical illustration
  6. make an origami pokemon
  7. draw one of my OCs from when i was a teenager
  8. make pancakes
  9. turn one of the tshirts i hate the cut of into a tank top
  10. bake a type of bread i've never made before
  11. paint a flowerpot
  12. make a twitter bot (like the fun art project kind, not the disinfo kind)
  13. do a solo game jam style session over a weekend and make an interactive fiction game on neocities
  14. make some ascii art
  15. make a html collage

health goals

  1. get a tdap booster because i'm literally ten years late on that

gaming goals

  1. play a solo tabletop gamebook
  2. play one of the keepsake games i've bought in the last year
  3. lose an entire day just playing a completely bonkers hidden object game
  4. finish the escape room game i bought two birthdays ago, played one card of, and then forgot about
  5. buy the puzzle book i've been eyeing for ages and play it
  6. start a new fallout 4 playthrough and mod it so i don't have to do the godawful heteronormative family beginning. (ideally mod it so shaun doesn't exist at all?)
  7. replay a dos game i'm nostalgic for from start to finish
  8. do a jigsaw puzzle
  9. hatch a shiny pokemon on pfq
  10. replay dragon age
  11. get the last three achievements in stardew valley

material goals

  1. find something incredibly cool at an antique store
  2. ditto but at a thrift store
  3. ditto but on ebay
  4. find something cool on the ground
  5. find an incredibly cool book to read on a random shelf in the library
  6. find something incredibly cool at a little free library
  7. find something incredibly cool at a market/craft fair/etc
  8. find something incredibly cool on etsy/storenvy/etc
  9. find something incredibly cool at a yard sale
  10. find something incredibly cool at one of the free book stations on campus
  11. get a pair of wide-leg jeans before they go out of style again lmfao

work, learning, and organization goals
  1. organize my google docs (and move them to a non-google place)
  2. back up my laptop
  3. take [redacted] at [redacted] up on her offer to review my resume before i apply to [redacted]
  4. also, like. redo my resume, shit's years out of date :(