agendas in five sentences or less

you need a hobby that isn't monetized

art, crafts, design, writing, and other forms of creativity involve skill, but we cannot and should not only use our skills for profit. this doesn't mean that exploitative practices to get free work (ie: unpaid internships, working for "exposure") are good or valid; it just means you owe it to yourself to keep something you like doing just for you. profiting from a hobby seems like a great way to get a side hustle going—and it certainly can be—but it can also easily lead to burning out and no longer enjoying your former passion. incorporating finances into your hobby adds complication and frustration; allow yourself to have at least one thing in your life that is solely for enjoyment, so you can always have something to turn to when you want to get away from all the other sources of complication and frustration in your life.

re: "your house is not a museum"

if you spend any time looking at decluttering, decorating, or home cleaning articles, you'll inevitably see someone saying that "your house is not a museum," which is just... incredibly useless advice. typically they mean it's not a storage unit, so you should feel free to let go of things, which just makes me wonder, y'all, what the hell do you think a museum does? it's not about storing useless old clutter; it's a place for curation, for thoughtfully choosing what to put into the space, for caring for the things in the collection. if you think the place where you live isn't a museum, consider: it fucking should be (and also, you should probably go to more museums).