new year's resolutions 2022

last updated: september 30, 2022

experiential goals
  1. see a cool astronomical/general sky thing (ie: a meteor, a supermoon, northern lights) ☑
  2. spot a constellation (orion's belt counts, we're going with easy goals here) ☑
  3. do something cool on a solstice
  4. go berry-picking ☑
  5. check out [redacted local abandoned place]
  6. try a local restaurant i've never eaten at before ☑
  7. climb [redacted local popular hill that is not too difficult to hike]
  8. walk through every building on campus
  9. take a walk on a street i've somehow never been on despite living here my whole life
  10. decide to go somewhere local on a whim and just fucking do it with a maximum of 20 minutes of planning
  11. go to the museum on a free admission evening
  12. do a virtual museum or gallery tour ☑
  13. reread the earthsea cycle (at least the first book but hopefully the rest too)
  14. reread interview with the vampire for the first time since i was a teenager (RIP anne rice, i forgive you for threatening to sue my 12-year-old ass over lestat fanfic)
  15. read a gothic novel i've never read before
  16. read a new nosleep story that actually scares me
  17. watch a ghibli movie i've never seen before
  18. go birdwatching
  19. build a snowman
  20. go geocaching
  21. go randonauting ☑

creation goals
  1. finish a craft
  2. make something to hang on my wall
  3. make a one-page zine and post it on my site
  4. write a poem and submit it somewhere
  5. do a botanical illustration
  6. make an origami pokemon
  7. draw one of my OCs from when i was a teenager
  8. make pancakes
  9. turn one of the tshirts i hate the cut of into a tank top
  10. bake a type of bread i've never made before
  11. paint a flowerpot
  12. make a twitter bot (like the fun art project kind, not the disinfo kind)
  13. do a solo game jam style session over a weekend and make an interactive fiction game on neocities
  14. make some ascii art
  15. make a html collage

health goals
  1. get a tdap booster because i'm literally ten years late on that

gaming goals
  1. play a solo tabletop gamebook
  2. play one of the keepsake games i've bought in the last year
  3. lose an entire day just playing a completely bonkers hidden object game ☑
  4. finish the escape room game i bought two birthdays ago, played one card of, and then forgot about
  5. buy the puzzle book i've been eyeing for ages and play it
  6. start a new fallout 4 playthrough and mod it so i don't have to do the godawful heteronormative family beginning. (ideally mod it so shaun doesn't exist at all?) ☑
  7. replay a dos game i'm nostalgic for from start to finish
  8. do a jigsaw puzzle
  9. hatch a shiny pokemon on pfq ☑
  10. replay dragon age
  11. get the last three achievements in stardew valley

material goals
  1. find something incredibly cool at an antique store ☑
  2. ditto but at a thrift store ☑
  3. ditto but on ebay
  4. find something cool on the ground
  5. find an incredibly cool book to read on a random shelf in the library
  6. find something incredibly cool at a little free library ☑
  7. find something incredibly cool at a market/craft fair/etc
  8. find something incredibly cool on etsy/storenvy/etc
  9. find something incredibly cool at a yard sale
  10. find something incredibly cool at one of the free book stations on campus ☑
  11. get a pair of wide-leg jeans before they go out of style again lmfao ☑

work, learning, and organization goals
  1. organize my google docs (and move them to a non-google place)
  2. back up my laptop
  3. redo my resume, shit's years out of date :(