i have oven-related superpowers—every baked good i make comes out amazingly, even though i improvise as i go, never follow exact measurements, and judge my dough's readiness for the oven based on vibes. the terrible price for this superpower is that everything i make on the stovetop is absolute garbage, usually burned.

i won't call the recipes you'll find here foolproof, but if an oven isn't involved, they probably are. you're on your own for nutritional requirements, measurement conversions (despite being canadian, the only time i've ever used grams is buying weed), and any other kind of adjustment that requires knowledge or skills. i don't have those, i just have innate bread wisdom and cannot actually convey these things to you. but the recipes are good.

breads and rolls

extremely low-energy recipes for my fellow depression-sufferers

everything in this section is not only low-effort, but involves as few dishes as possible, because i've been there, i'm probably there right now, and i got ur back if u are too