patch notes

- adding halloween content constantly!
- forgot to update these notes (should i even have these? i rarely remember to update) but my collections page now has my sticker sheet club page (including baby's first pixel art attempts!), as well as lots and lots of old-web adoptables i found through the wayback machine/gifcities.

- easing my way back in with a few minor edits - actually never mind, i decided to finish the "temporary" redesign i started months ago, lol

- it's been a minute, huh? apologies for the long time away; it's been a dismal few months but i'm feeling reinvigorated now. only minor updates of poking at already-existing things today, but i'm excited to get back to it!

- when i haven't been being consumed by omicron dread and navigating the related inexplicable and honestly despicable public health choices being made in my area, i've been spending my time catching up on everything i've let slide because of said dread/public health choices. also working on the neverending task of decluttering my home, which has been a much nicer experience. i've spent the last month keeping little snippets and ideas for this site in a text document, and am now beginning the process of actually adding them. some of them will have dates on them that do not correspond with the posted date. please do not be alarmed; time is a construct, and linear time is even faker than the others.

- pages that will be coming over the next few weeks (watch this space for links, if you so desire!): a list of lists that aren't lists yet, a collection of interesting things i've found in centuries-old apothecary and related books, NAQ (never-asked questions), a game of two truths and a lie, a few recipes, a manifesto against my least favorite piece of common web design advice, the start of an archive of DIY projects repurposing broken and/or obsolete pieces of tech, and a love letter to a really good sandwich i ate in december.

- i'm also in the planning stages of an actual fancy site design that i am very excited about. it also happens to be far beyond my actual skill level, but i will learn; i must learn; the frogs must flow.

- also updated my links list for the first time since i made it

- added some new year's resolutions!

- after ages of scrutinizing my html and css, wondering why my favicon would not display despite my code validating, i finally concluded that it helps if you actually remember to upload said favicon. coincidentally, i have a favicon displaying now

- did some gifcities necromancy and frankensteined a whole-ass layout based on one of the skeletons i raised

- the haunted jukebox is offline as the ghosts have all called in sick

- grossly busy, so i haven't been letting myself do anything major with the site. but grossly procrastinating, so i've been noodling with everything. some links and fanlistings added over the past few days! that's probably the only thing of note aside from, like, turning a lot of br tags into p tags because that's a bad habit i've had since ye olden days of angelfire

- directory moved from landing page to prevent geedis from eating links
- pages are now approximately an even split between eye-searingly ugly (because i am nostalgic) and readable but dull (because i have astigmatism)

- the haunted jukebox no longer includes satanic messaging when playing songs backwards. it no longer works in mobile, but perhaps this is a small price to pay.